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Our Policy

Safety & Comfort
Your pet’s safety and comfort is our priority. We do not force or man-handle any pet for any reason. We will not perform any grooming procedures which causes pain or a level of stress that we think excessive. This includes de-matting and nail trimming in some situations.

If your pet has no vaccination certificate, we reserve the right to refuse service for the safety of others. If we have to work with your pet’s doctor to obtain it, we may have to charge you a service fee of $25.

Time Management
Your pet dictates how long the session will last. We will do our best to adhere to our scheduled appointment times as closely as possible. However, sometimes situations occur that will disrupt the daily schedule of the groomer. You will be notified by phone or SMS message when your pet is ready. We will board your dog for free up to 3 hours after notified. After that 3 free hours, it will be $5 per hour and $10 for after our business hours.

The Haircut
Our groomers will ask each owner if the haircut meets their satisfaction once the groom is complete. Please take time to look over your pet to determine if an adjustment is needed. If concerns about the haircut develop later on, we offer a 24 hour period for complimentary minor adjustments.

Cancellations and No Shows
As with most services provided by independent professionals, our groomers strive to maintain a full schedule each day to maximize their earning potential. No shows and last minute cancellations directly affect their overall income. Therefore, we require that a 24 hour notice be provided if a client cannot make the appointment. Failure to do so will result in a no show fee of $15.