Woof & Wander – Grand Rapids, MI.

Come and let our professional stylists give your dog the total salon experience. At Woof & Wander, we offer evening appointments and Saturdays in order to meet your busy work schedule. If you are unable to schedule an appointment within our regular business hours, give us a call and we would be happy to schedule a private, one-on-one appointment on Sundays (for a small additional fee). 

Dogs are one of the greatest gifts on earth and it is important to us that our furry clients look and feel their very best when they leave Woof & Wander. We will take care of your dog with kindness, patience, and love, and we are prepared to accommodate your dog so that they are comfortable during their experience with us. 

Woof & Wander is conveniently located near the 131 highway, a block north of 68th St, in the Cutlerville area. 

DOG GROOMING Teacup Poodle
DOG GROOMING Designer Dog Breed - Mal-Shi

Why should your dog be groomed regularly?

Aside from appearance, regular grooming helps avoid painful and potentially harmful matting of the fur, and this is especially important for the health and happiness of long or heavy-haired breeds. 

At Woof & Wander, our team will spot check for fleas, ticks, matting, concerning lumps and other skin issues, and we will alert you to any problems we discover while pampering your pooch. Your dog’s overall health is our priority. 

Make your dog the envy of the neighborhood by visiting Woof & Wander. Whether your pup needs a clean up after a day of muddy fun or just wants some pampering, your furry child is guaranteed to look and feel amazing after a luxurious day at our spa. 

Our Spa Treatments:

  • Ear Cleaning
  • Nail Trim
  • Pawdicure
  • Facial Scrubs
  • Deep Conditioning
  • Hair Coloring
  • Teeth Brushing

Our Grooming Salon:

  • Full Service, Professional Grooming
  • Breed Standard Cuts
  • Custom Cuts
  • De-Matting
  • De-Skunk
  • Flea & Tick Bath
  • Shedding Control Services

Why Choose Woof & Wander Dog Grooming?

  • Your dog’s comfort is our main priority; we will never do anything to cause discomfort or distress in your pet
  • We offer flexible scheduling outside of our regular hours in order to accommodate your busy schedule
  • Our Groomers and stylists specialize in various breed standard cuts, including poodles, and we do custom cuts
  • Trained staff will check your dog for fleas, ticks, irregular lumps, and other skin issues to let you know if we have any concerns about your dog’s skin health

Benefits of Regular Bathing & Grooming at Woof & Wander:

  • Regularly trimmed nails push the quick back over time and allow your dog to walk more comfortably
  • Properly cleaned ears reduce the potential for an ear infection and allow your pet to hear better and feel better
  • Regular baths and brushing lead to less matting, less shedding, healthier skin, and a healthier coat
  • Our trained eyes spot potential skin and fur health risks before it becomes a major problem
  • Your dog will walk out feeling and looking their best.

GET YOUR DOG STARTED TODAY! Text or Call 616-900-5449 to make an appointment!
Ask about our special discount for your first visit.


We aim to provide straightforward pricing with no hidden fees or surprises. 
If there are any necessary add-on services, such as de-matting,
we will discuss it with you before we continue with the service.


Pet Oil Painting ServicesWe offer hand painted oil painting for you and your pet.  Talking about creating a prestige and long lasting memory with your pet!  The process is very simple.

  1. Our professional photoshoot studio will help you create the reference photo to paint at no cost to you. We then upload your chosen photo(s) to our website, www.theoilpaintingportrait.com, for our artists to paint.
  2. Your oil painting artist will update you on the progress and the result of the painting for you to approve.
  3. Once approved, we will ship it directly to your home or you can pick it up at our shop or at our partners’ shop.


We are conveniently located at 6631 Division Ave. South. Grand Rapids, MI 49548. One block North of 68th St, near VI PET and between Johnny’s Pizza and Digital Marketing Solutions. There are ample parking spaces in the back building with back door access.

We do offer a special accommodation schedule outside of our normal business hours listed below. Please call us for availability and additional charge may apply.



To make an appointment, text or call us at 616-900-5449. We look forward to pampering your pup!