Walk-in Services

Nail Trim                          $14

Dremel                          +$4

Nail Trim Fastpass *Get 1 FREE*
6 Nail Trim            $70
6 Nail Dremel    $90

Ear cleaning                    $10
plucking                           +$5

Face Trim                        $15
Paw Pads Shave             $10
Paw Trim                         $15

Toy & Small dog (-20 lbs)
Splash & Dash                                          $25 & up
Bath & Tidy Up                                          $45 & up
Full Pet Stop                                             $55 & up

Medium Dog (20-50 lbs)
Splash & Dash                                          $35 & up
Bath & Tidy Up                                         $55 & up
Full Pet Stop                                             $65 & up

Large Dog (50-75 lbs)
Splash & Dash                                          $45 & up
Bath & Tidy Up                                         $65 & up
Full Pet Stop                                             $75 & up

XL Dog (75+ lbs)
Splash & Dash                                          $55 & up
Bath & Tidy Up                                          $80 & up
Full Pet Stop                                              $100 & up

Add Ons
Clean/Poodle Feet                                    $10
Deep Conditioning                                    $5-$20

Express Groom                                           $25
Early Drop off
late pick up                                                $18

Hand Scissor Cut                                       $10-$30
Re-FURbish Treatment                              $10-$25
Specialty Shampoo                                    $4
Teeth Brushing                                            $5

Other Services​

Pet Oil Painting ServicesWe offer hand painted oil painting for you and your pet.  Talking about creating a prestige and long lasting memory with your pet!  The process is very simple.

  1. Our professional photoshoot studio will help you create the reference photo to paint at no cost to you. We then upload your chosen photo(s) to our website, www.theoilpaintingportrait.com, for our artists to paint.
  2. Your oil painting artist will update you on the progress and the result of the painting for you to approve.
  3. Once approved, we will ship it directly to your home or you can pick it up at our shop or at our partners’ shop.

FREE Professional Photoshoot Studio.  We have a professional photoshoot studio setup with the blue screen to help you take the picture you wanted.  We then use our latest photo editing software to insert the background that you dream of (you may be too busy to take your dog to the beach but the photo doesn’t say so :))  This service is FREE of charge but a little tip for our photographer and photo editor would be much appreciated. This service is based on appointments only so contact us for availability.

REGISTER for A Free Dog Wash.  If you haven’t been to our shop, we would love to welcome you for your first visit with a FREE wash for your dog.  Click Here to REGISTER.